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Timely parts replacement is a crucial issue, which is why parts availability is a top priority. In North America, we house a large spare parts inventory with over $10 million in spare parts.

Intermac Parts

Through our new PARTS portal, available 24/7, Customers can submit requests for quotes and orders, find out prices, and verify whether or not a part they are looking for is in stock. The PARTS portal can be used either on a desktop or App for smartphones and tablets with Customers able to navigate by specific machine serial number.

For each shipment delivered from our Charlotte warehouse, we send an email to the Customer with a tracking number and packing list. Parts are managed in multiple sophisticated storage systems, using bar code technology to ensure that the right part is retrieved and shipped every time. We’re located about 1 mile from Charlotte Douglas International Airport for quick delivery.

With 60,343 available stock parts, and 19 spare parts staff specialists in North America, 99% of stock part orders received by 4 p.m. EST receive same day shipment.

Customers are provided with the opportunity to speak to specialised staff, who in turn can call upon the expertise of the entire company.
same day shipment for stock parts orders received by 4:00pm EST
spare parts staff in North America
available stock parts
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Intermac regenerated spare parts
The product's life cycle gets a new start.
Intermac makes a wide range of reconditioned and 100% guaranteed spare parts available.
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