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Every day, the Intermac Service department draws upon a global support network and a highly-specialised team of technicians in order to manage requests for assistance regarding machines and components from around the world.

Intermac Service

Intermac provides the very highest level of Customer support in our industry.

Biesse employs over 80 full-time professionals specifically dedicated to providing technical support for the North American market. This core group is complemented by a global, networked team of technicians and engineers who work together and share knowledge to resolve your service requests efficiently and effectively. Additionally, machine software training is available in one of Intermac’s four Tech Centers located across North America (Charlotte, Anaheim, Toronto and Montreal).  

We utilize a custom Oracle system to track calls and maintain accurate machine history with increased technical staff on hand to maintain and improve Customer response time. Intermac webex provides operators with a direct connection from their machine’s PC to our service department. Our service is backed by Biesse Care, the superior standard warranty in the industry.

Intermac Service numbers
interactive support for the life of the machine
of all calls receive a call back within 1 hour
f all calls receive a call back within 2 hours
Intermac Service
Via dell'Economia, 40
61122 Pesaro (Italy)
Tel. +39 0721 483500
Fax +39 0721 481962
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