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Armada Glass & Glazing

Armada Glass Increases Production, Efficiency and Quality.

50% Increase in Production

2.5 Years ROI

Armada Glass increases production, efficiency and quality to help boost customer service and open up new markets following its investment in an Intermac Master One CNC glass machining centre.

Customer: Armada Glass & Glazing
Country: United Kingdom
Product: Master One,

Tony Burke and Mark Andrews are the driving force behind Armada Glass which has been trading since 2003. Dealing with all aspects of glass and glass designs, they started with one unit in Saltash - Cornwall, and over the last ten years have experienced unprecedented growth. They now work out of four units with a rapidly expanding cliental of architects, building contractors, agencies and design houses.

As times have changed over the years, the company has invested in new machinery and staff to keep up with new technology, ideas and trends. Armada Glass are now one of the South West’s leading suppliers of architectural glass, coloured glass, and splash-backs to both the trade and retail sector.

Their most recent investment has been an Intermac Master One machining centre for processing glass that is capable of executing a wide range of machining operations. The Master One is being used to process a range of products including balustrades, shower screens, splashbacks and furniture.

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“One of the main reasons for purchasing the machine was to provide a better customer experience,” commented Tony. “We were having to buy in our shaped glass, which meant that our own delivery to the customer was taking about 4 to 5 weeks. There was also the extra expense, which we couldn’t really pass onto our customers.”

“As a result of buying the machine, we can now deliver to our customers within a week and we’ve also managed to claw back some gross margin.”

"We used to cut splash-backs by hand but ‘T’ pieces were always an issue. Now with the Master One, we can cut ‘T’ pieces as well as all other shapes. So far, we’ve seen a 50% increase in productivity but as our experience with the machine builds, we expect that to rise to 100%.”

Mark continued, “This machine came with a built-in template scanner, so we can now produce shaped glass from templates as well as shaped glass for laminating. Having this capability has opened up new markets for us, especially in the shop-fitting and hair salon sectors.”

“We’re delighted with the machine”, concluded Tony, “with the increase in efficiencies and cost savings, we’re expecting a maximum ROI of two and a half years".

"But the biggest benefit is that we’re now in total control of what we do. The accuracy and quality of our products means we have reduced both waste and onsite installation time. We are now in control of delivery times, which makes our customers even happier."
Tony Burke Armada Glass
Tony Burke
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