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Work centres

Master Series is the range of Made in Intermac work centres dedicated to glass machining for the products that are typical of the furniture, automotive, building and domestic appliance sectors. It represents the best solution in terms of performance and productivity, and is suitable for high-speed machining of small and large production batches. The all-new and improved Master range maintains the quality and reliability that has always characterised Intermac technology, making it an industry-leading company and an iconic point of reference in its field.
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Maximum acceleration and axle speeds
The Master range guarantees fantastic performance thanks to the possibility of machining one or two glass sheets at the same time.

High-level technology for the best results with maximum ease of use.

The 5-axis head with endless rotation C axis and tilting A axis (from -90° to +90°) ensures excellent flexibility and pushes the limit for the execution of complex machining operations.

Integrated boring system
Revolutionary boring
Helix is the Diamut tool that, when combined with Intermac software, exceeds all the limits of the traditional boring systems, using one single tool for all the boring, grinding and countersinking operations on glass sheets of up to 19mm.
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Suction cups
The new generation of rectangular suction cups on all Master working centres
The new rectangular suction cups guarantee better vacuum retention compared to traditional suction cups, they are available in all versions and sizes and guarantee maximum customization flexibility.
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Main features
Work centres Master Series: Photo 5
Maximum quality and precision.
Work centres Master Series: Photo 6
Customisable according to requirements.
Work centres Master Series: Photo 7
Excellent production efficiency
 thanks to the perfect integration with robots for the production of large batches.
Work centres Master Series: Photo 8
Flexibility and versatility in all machining operations
guaranteeing unequalled productivity.
Master Series
iCam, the easiest answer
Master is equipped with iCam Software an highly intuitive and extremely powerful tool that provides an additional source of satisfaction for the numerous Master users all around the world.
Case Histories
Glass art and cutting-edge technology
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