We simplify your manufacturing process to make the potential of any material shine.


All over the world, Intermac technology is the partner of choice for companies that have a leadership position in the design, architecture and technology sectors. This partnership creates incredible products that contribute to improve our quality of life.
A different glass: Firmans is a cut above thanks to Intermac investments
Armada Glass & Glazing
Armada Glass Increases Production, Efficiency and Quality.
SGP Specialist Glass Products LTD
Specialist Glass Products Increases productivity by 137% thanks to Intermac’s high-tech glass processing machines
Technological integration, the secret to success on the market.
TAV (Tout l'Art du Verre) and Intermac come together to create a tangible example of smart manufacturing.
The unmistakable fingerprint of the CNC Master
The glass architect
At five time a speed of a single edger
Glass art and cutting-edge technology
Window Creations LLC
Reaching new levels of artistry and productivity
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