Busetti F series: Photo 1

The Busetti F series is the ideal solution for flat edge grinding operations with standard 2 mm or 15 mm axis with 45° profile, ideal for small, medium and large glassworks companies with flexible production: from structural glass, partitioning walls, balustrades and stairs to shower boxes and furnishings.

Busetti F series: Photo 2
The highest precision of machining is guaranteed through the use of highly technological materials and technical solutions that ensure maximum reliability and sturdiness over time.
The corner-rounding units are patented Intermac devices

They can execute either rounded or chamfered corners, both on diamond edge and on polished edge, from 1 to 5 mm on rounded corners and from 1 to 7 mm on chamfered corners.

With this innovative system, it is not necessary to stop the glass in the machine; the rounding or chamfering operation can be performed while the glass is being machined, with no need for additional equipment.
Busetti F series: Photo 3
For customised solutions

Innovative solutions, even in terms of automation, make the production line flexible and highly productive, for small batches (batch-one production) and different thicknesses.

Busetti F series: Photo 4
Main features
Busetti F series: Photo 5
Wide range of configurations.
Busetti F series: Photo 6
High levels of flexibility for “just in time” production and maximum productivity in plants.
Busetti F series: Photo 7
Mechanical and electronic technologies that are unique in their field.
Busetti F series: Photo 8
Precision and reliability during all machining operations.
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