The unmistakable fingerprint of the CNC Master

Zytronic, a company that produces tactile technology and touchscreen solutions, opts for the sophisticated technology of Intermac machining centres to guarantee the highest level user experience.

Customer: Zytronic
Actual Work City: Blaydon On Tyne, Newcastle
Country: United Kingdom
Zytronic: Photo 1
Zytronic and Intermac boast a historic relationship based on mutual trust and respect, and the company already owns two Intermac machines: a Master 33 an a superb Compact Edge, which have proven to be the right choice as they have guaranteed quality and reliability over time. Production Director Adrian Leyland explains: “We need to be able to offer unique products for our customers, guaranteeing the highest level user experience for interaction with touchscreen technology. Touchscreen sizes are constantly increasing and the shapes are increasingly complex, which makes the flexibility guaranteed by the Master 23 a crucial factor for the machining of glass and for obtaining the results we need to achieve. We're always aiming for the most exacting standards”.
Thanks to Intermac, we are sure to win the challenge of providing the utmost user experience
Adrian Leyland Production Director
Zytronic: Photo 2
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