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The Italian Stone Theatre

Intermac and Donatoni represented the excellence of Made in Italy in the natural stone sector.

The genius of designers and engineers combined with the professionalism, the construction capabilities, technical skills and production of machines and Italian companies has made possible the exhibition "The Italian Stone Theatre", which took place during Marmomacc 2015 in Verona.
Within this context, Intermac presented the sculpture "Bicefalo", designed by the architect Raffaello Galiotto and realized thanks to the high technology of the Intermac work centre Master 850. "The pretext of morphologies animal becomes an opportunity to explore and play on numerical rules of natural forms, here interpreted and translated with steps of milling and CNC with spherical tool. The graphics automatic machine, which generally can be removed with manual polishing, now becomes the figure characterizing the work " said Raffaele Galiotto, architect.
Donatoni technology presented "Lamellatum", created on a single marble block using a 5-axis milling machine with diamond blade. Each V-shaped passage has been obtained by running a blade set at opposite angles on the same path twice; smooth and even, the resulting cut surface did not require any further sanding. The changing slope of the spires and thheir peculiar arrangement make the final object particularly dynamimc and slightly asymmetric.
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