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Genius RS-A
The entry-level cutting table for float glass that offers the same technological solutions as the high-level systems used in the cutting lines of the biggest industry operators
Genius CT-A series
The cutting table range for float glass
Genius CT-RED series
A range of cutting tables designed to meet every glass workshop requirement:
Genius LM series
The range of cutting tables for laminated glass aimed at companies that wish to automate their laminated glass cutting processes
Genius LM-A series
The range of laminated glass cutting tables for companies that need high levels of productivity
Genius Comby Lines
Solutions for the various different types of manufacturing operations and requirements of customers
Primus Series
The range of water jet cutting machines for glass designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility.
Busetti F series
The ideal solution for flat edge grinding operations with standard 2 mm or 15 mm axis with 45° profile
Busetti P series
The range of machines for the processing of pencil edge and flat edge with arris and allow to work thinner thicknesses from 2 to 12 mm
Master 23
The most compact range of processing centres for machining glass
Master Series
The range of work centres dedicated to glass machining for the products that are typical of the furniture, automotive, building and domestic appliance sectors.
Master 63-65
The new range of work centres to satisfy those who need to work without dimensional limits.
Master work cells
Master can be perfectly integrated in a line with robots and loading/unloading systems
Vertmax series
The range of vertical machining centres based on the revolutionary concept of the movement of the work piece.
The automatic loader designed to remove glass sheets from the pallet, depositing these on the roller bed.
Busetti FK series
The range of compact double-edgers, designed for the manufacture of doors, furnishings and double glazing, up to a maximum weight of 600 kg
Genius CT-Plus
High-performance work cutting tables and cutting lines for float glass
Master One
The machining centre dedicated to glass processing
Vertical washing machines for flat glass
Vertmax ONE
Vertmax ONE is the compact vertical machining centre based on the revolutionary concept of machining the piece vertically: designed and developed to meet the needs of small glassworks
Storage and handling systems
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