Genius LM-A series: Photo 1
Genius LM-A is the range of laminated glass cutting tables for companies that need high levels of productivity, with requirements of more than 400 square metres per shift and the option of automating the entire cycle, from loading to unloading of the finished volume.
Genius LM-A series: Photo 2

20% reduction in the production area required, as well as a 70% increase in productivity compared to a normal combination.

Comby lines are combined lines that were introduced onto the market by Intermac for high productivity cutting operations, and are the result of a clever combination between the Genius CT-A and CT-Red cutting tables (for float glass cutting) and the Genius LM and LM-A tables (for laminated glass cutting): two automatic lines, one for float glass and one for laminate, for perfect integration even in smaller spaces

Cutting, breaking and removal of shaped laminated glass
A solution that allows for cutting, breaking and removal operations on shaped sheets to be carried out automatically on both sheets at the same time, in accordance with the desired level of optimisation. Enables shaped volumes of considerable size to be created, with maximum machine performance; even on arched windows measuring 6000 x 3000 mm.
Genius LM-A series: Photo 3
Automatic solutions
Crosspiece rotation
Automatic rotation of the crosspiece to carry out Y and Z cuts. After rotation, the crossbar is already in position for the squaring operation, in line with the first cut in Y
Genius LM-A series: Photo 4
Main features
Genius LM-A series: Photo 5
High levels of productivity.
Genius LM-A series: Photo 6
Easy to load and unload for the operator.
Genius LM-A series: Photo 7
Reduced cycle times.
Genius LM-A series: Photo 8
Excellent cutting precision.
Genius LM-A series
Maximum ease of use.

When integrated with smart software, Intermac solutions serve to minimise operator intervention, ensuring a clearer overview of the entire process, as well as greater levels of safety. A product which leading glassworks facilities would struggle to do without.

The operator interface is simple and intuitive, and enables cutting programmes generated by a range of the optimisers present on the market to be imported, courtesy of the integrated OTD (Optimiser Transferring Data) universal interface that automatically defines cutting parameters and generates the programme for the cutting table.

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