Work centres Master 23: Photo 1
Master 23

CNC working centre for glass

Master 23 is Intermac's most compact range of processing centres for machining glass. Designed to meet the needs of large companies producing big batches, but also small-scale artisans who decide to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high-quality results with limited outlay.
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Optimum versatility
Wide variety of possible machining operations
Master 23 can carry out a wide variety of complex machining operations, guaranteeing first class finish quality.
Configurations with 3 or 4 axes fitted with aggregate for managing a vast range of machining operations.For all the configurations, the components are the same as for the top-of-the-range solutions. The high technological content of the world's most popular processing centres satisfies the specific needs of the glass industry.
Integrated boring system
Revolutionary boring
Helix is the Diamut tool that, when combined with Intermac software, exceeds all the limits of the traditional boring systems, using one single tool for all the boring, grinding and countersinking operations on glass sheets of up to 19mm.
Work centres Master 23: Photo 3
Suction Cups
The new generation of rectangular suction cups on all Master working centres
The new rectangular suction cups guarantee better vacuum retention compared to traditional suction cups, they are available in all versions and sizes and guarantee maximum customization flexibility.
Work centres Master 23: Photo 4
Main features
Work centres Master 23: Photo 5
Maximum quality and precision.
Work centres Master 23: Photo 6
Excellent production efficiency thanks to the perfect integration with robots for the production of large batches.
Work centres Master 23: Photo 7
Compact dimensions making it ideal for companies with limited space.
Master 23
iCam, the easiest answer
Master is equipped with iCam Software an highly intuitive and extremely powerful tool that provides an additional source of satisfaction for the numerous Master users all around the world.
Case Histories
Glass art and cutting-edge technology
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