Busetti FK series: Photo 1
The Busetti FK Series is the range of compact double-edgers, designed for the manufacture of doors, furnishings and double glazing, up to a maximum weight of 600 kg. High-quality components, the product of many years of experience in lines and systems, guarantee reliability, maximum performance and precise results, with a limited investment.
Busetti FK series: Photo 2
A compact solution
Designed especially for companies with limited space.
Busetti FK is the range of double-edgers designed especially for companies with limited space who don't want to sacrifice productivity, enabling them to achieve high performance and optimal results every time.
The highest precision of machining is guaranteed through the use of highly technological materials and technical solutions that ensure reliability and sturdiness over time.
The machine opening dimensions vary in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer, from 1000 to 4600 mm.
Fluidity and high speed in the cross-bridge movements ensure minimal set-up times. Absolute absence of vibration even in the most demanding workings thanks to the solidity of the basement structure.
Busetti FK series: Photo 3
Long-term reliability
Maximum reliability is guaranteed, thanks to the quality of the materials and components selected.
Busetti machines are guaranteed to last over time, enabling operators to work up to 3 shifts a day, with minimal machine maintenance required from the operator.
Busetti FK series: Photo 4
Minimum overhang dimensions
Control panel fully integrated on board
The innovative, high-tech control panel is ergonomic, and fully integrated on board the machine: it reduces the production area occupied, taking up none of the space used by traditional electrical cabinets. In addition, it enables close supervision of the machine or line.
Busetti FK series: Photo 5
Main features
Busetti FK series: Photo 6
Maximum performance and precision of results.
Busetti FK series: Photo 7
High quality and reliability guaranteed over time.
Busetti FK series: Photo 8
Reduced set-up times.
Busetti FK series: Photo 9
Mechanical and electronic technologies that are unique in their field.
Busetti FK series
Integrated software intuitive and easy to use
When integrated with smart software, Intermac solutions serve to minimise operator intervention, ensuring a clearer overview of the entire process, as well as greater levels of safety. A product which leading glassworks facilities would struggle to do without The Busetti range has evolved over time, transforming itself into a smart solution, which, thanks to the software integration, is able to control itself autonomously
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