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See Why Software Can Become Your Superpower at TISE StonExpo

One of the things customers admire most about their Intermac and Diamut CNC machines is the exceptional software used to program them. When TISE StonExpo opens in Las Vegas in January, visitors can get an up-close and personal look at the kind of difference the right software can make in terms of both productivity and product quality.

            Thanks to a CAD/CAM software option from DDX called EasySTONE, anyone can be easily trained to ensure that Intermac’s Master Series achieves superior quality finishes on natural stone, synthetic and ceramic bath and kitchen countertops. With EasySTONE, countertop fabricators and stone shops can use one software package to program both their Donatoni Jet bridge saw and Master Series profiling machine. The software is developed specifically for machining marble, granite and synthetic materials.

            Intermac and Diamut technology innovators will also show how the new Diamut Presetter benefits from the power of the SOPHIA IoT platform. Through intuitive dashboards, SOPHIA provides information and data in real time from machines located around the world. The sophisticated software platform speeds Industry 4.0 automation by making it easy for facilities to monitor production, analyze how machines are functioning, identify malfunctions, assist clients in maintenance operations, order replacement parts in less time, and conduct preventative maintenance.

            The new Diamut Presetter’s debut at TISE will change CNC peripheral tool setting forever. It provides a quick and easy way to preset CNC tooling offline, outside of the machine, to reduce tooling setup time and improve accuracy.

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