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Quality is a matter of processes

In 2017 we started the process of revisiting Intermac’s production layout and processes to streamline factory workflow. The end result was reduction in internal and external lead times.
Alberto Romani Manufacturing Manager

Growth through personalization and performance

The success of any factory depends on two factors: production processes that consistently produce high quality output, along with the flexibility to personalize products to match client needs. In recent years, Intermac has worked to ensure that consistent production output can be balanced with delivering the personalization customers want most. The key to reaching both goals is offering a wider range of technological solutions.

Organization of processes

The Lean Production method introduced in 2011 has played a fundamental role for Intermac in organizing its processes, accelerating manufacturing rhythms and delivering a heightened level of quality. Since 2011, Intermac has increased its production lines from three to five, enabling the company’s production to grow from 500 to 825 machines per year. Within the same floor space of 10 years ago, Intermac has now doubled the value of its machines (€70 million/$79 million). Intermac has also heightened its level of quality and added examination stations at the end of production lines to reconfirm outstanding quality.

The Intermac factory’s future
Intermac is proud to have achieved such success over the past decade. But as with any great challenge, the end point of one achievement must become the starting point for a new goal. In 2018 Intermac will be actively working toward a number of varied objectives: integration of suppliers, improvement of internal logistics, and a 3D printing project designed to reduce costs by 40 percent and achieve a lead time of almost zero for production materials. 

Onward and upward!

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