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Automation means personalisation

Intermac Systems helps increase quality, productivity and flexibility by offering dedicated solutions.

For which size of enterprises does automation make sense? Does Intermac have different solutions for various sizes of enterprises?
Automation is the future for all sorts of companies. We are often brought to view automation as a matter of all or nothing. In certain environments, the automation of a portion of the working process can result in enormous improvements for smaller companies. Our company strongly believes in bringing automation to our customers through tailor-made solutions that increase productivity without sacrificing the flexibility. 
We always place at the base of our analysis the possibility to create a modular system to allow the customer to split the investment in more phases. So the level of automation and productive capacity of the company can grow parallel to the business needs.

In which way can employers improve processes with the help of automation and does Intermac offer solutions for that?
The more you are able to automate and integrate your process, the more you are able to offer top-level quality to your customers, great productive output and have total control over your factory. Over the years we have developed many solutions that go in this direction. Some can be as simple as adding a label printer to a cutting table, which is a very simple and affordable example of process integration, some are far more complex and include the use of robots, loading/unloading machines and powerful software tools. 
What benefit do companies gain in general from industry 4.0 when it comes to costs or security of supply?
To create a connected work environment, where the entire supply channel is involved in the industrial process. 
Companies can access to real-time information to know if they will be able to produce specific items in the quantity required by the customer. In other words they can have complete control of the production and stock. 

Does Intermac offer special customer services associated with industry 4.0? For example does the company have an own software department where solutions can be found quickly?
Intermac invest a lot of resources each year in the development of new software solutions that are aimed at delivering a complete solution to our customers To be always connected to our machines and be able to gather all necessary information to keep productive costs under control and be sure to respect delivery time.

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