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The Intermac experience gains a new dimension, as the Stone Edition of Inside Intermac is!

Inside Intermac has evolved, with the company's first ever "Stone Edition", exclusively dedicated to the stone, stone materials and ceramics machining sector, in collaboration with Donatoni Macchine.

"The goal of the event is to allow professionals from the sector to immerse themselves in the world of Intermac, seeing the machines at work, witnessing live demos and experiencing the reliability and innovation offered by Made in Intermac solutions first hand. This year - explains Franco Angelotti, Commercial Director of the company - we are introducing yet another new element, adding a further dimension to our historic Inside Intermac events, following our decision to support specialist industries. That's why we're hosting two Inside events, one exclusively dedicated to stone, the other exclusively dedicated to glass".


The research carried out by Intermac is increasingly focused on Industry 4.0, and the objective is to transform manufacturing facilities into "real time factories", through integrated solutions that help to optimise the production process, reducing costs and improving the work that our customers carry out day to day, ensuring that they are ready to embrace the benefits of digital manufacturing. Looking to the future, "the goals of the company are ambitious, and are focused on constantly enhancing our product portfolio, whilst strengthening our sales network and improving the level of service provided even further" confirms Gianluigi Casadio, Division Director.

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