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Vetrotec specialises in the machining of flat glass and is at the forefront of a new business philosophy that has set its sights past the limits of classic production to evolve into a company dedicated to the art of glass and more.

Customer: VETROTEC
Actual Work City: Pesaro
Country: Italy

Quality and precision in manufacturing and care in serving the customer: these are the core values upon which Vetrotec based its business philosophy and through which it partners with the customer, offering know-how, availability and consulting at every stage in the manufacturing journey, from the idea to the glass item. “I believe Intermac was the first company to invent the ultimate machining centre. For us, the Master was the turning point that brought about real innovation in the machining of glass. It revolutionised the way we work. In the past, machining required manpower and the use of classic shaping machines; however, as of '91, we underwent an enormous revolution, which guaranteed continuous growth all the way to the present day," stated Davide Broccoli, Key Account Manager.

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“We now have six Master machining centres, a Vertmax vertical machining centre and a waterjet machining centre, and we execute flat edge machining operations with our Busetti machining centres and double edgers, especially using the innovative Radius Revolution double-edging grinding system: to obtain an impeccable finish without resorting to manual work or other machines”.

Intermac has created lines that integrate the various machines: a specific example is the integration of Movetro systems for handling ceramic sheets with the Genius Intermac cutting table, which reduces the time it takes to cut the ceramic sheets and the storage space they require.

“The secret to success on the market is to aim for lines that are as integrated and efficient as possible, which is why Intermac's decision to work toward integration is a winning strategy, the ultimate strategy. These days we need to waste as little time as possible, and our lines and the use of space need to be optimised. The key to achieving this is to have integrated lines, complex systems that interact with each other. Our recent investment in the Movetro system for handling ceramic sheets and in the Genius cutting table is definitely the ultimate application of this concept”.

The quality of Intermac technology and the right dose of skill and know-how are the key to achieving a winning finished product
Davide Broccoli Key Account Manager
Davide Broccoli
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