Primus series: Photo 1

Primus is a range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility. It offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials from stone to metal, from glass to plastic, from ceramic to compound materials.

Primus series: Photo 2
The work table
Wide configurability
Support surfaces are available for special materials and applications, to minimise the reverberation of the water jet on the material being machined and to facilitate the drainage of water and small machining residues.
Maximum programming flexibility thanks to the free movement of the cutting head.The 5-axis cutting head is fitted with the patented Intermac infinite rotating C axis system for making top-quality tilted cuts (+/-60°) on complex profiles, with no limits. This system eliminates the errors due to rotating axis reverse clearance in traditional methods, and also guarantees a constant supply of abrasive material.
Wide selection of materials
A solution for every production need.
Primus offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials such as: ferrous/non-ferrous, non-metallic alloys, titanium, aluminium, plastic and compound.
Primus series: Photo 3
Independent cutting heads
Performance and productivity
Primus can be configured with one independent cutting head or more, on the basis of the customer’s production needs.
Primus series: Photo 4
Main features
Primus series: Photo 5
Ideal for creating any type of complex profile.
Primus series: Photo 6
First class quality, precision and finish.
Primus series: Photo 7
Excellent performance and optimised cutting costs.
Primus series: Photo 8
Zero set-up times, thanks to the simplicity of the machine’s fixing and setting systems.
Primus series
iCam, the easiest answer
Primus is equipped with iCam Software an highly intuitive and extremely powerful tool that provides an additional source of satisfaction for the numerous Primus users all around the world.
Case Histories
The application of Intermac’s Waterjet technology
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