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V-Loader, vertical evolution

As of today, interlocking Intermac vertical machines offers an additional benefit: V-Loader is the automatic loader designed to remove glass sheets from the pallet, depositing these on the roller bed.

V-Loader allows operators to feed sheets into a vertical machine and, where necessary, to interlock two machines so that they function simultaneously at either end, in order to enable a pickup rate of up to 4 sheets per minute. It does not require programming, and adapts to changes in size and shape, with no need to adjust the parameters. Operator workload and the risk of error are both drastically reduced, courtesy of the fully-automated loading phase and the automatic activation of the suction cups. When used in combination with workpiece recognition systems, such as automatic barcode readers or scanners, V-Loader enables the correct work programme on the vertical machine to be assigned automatically, with no operator intervention.

Focus on V-Loader, vertical evolution: Photo 1
Focus on V-Loader, vertical evolution: Photo 2


The loading device is designed to be integrated with machines from the Intermac Vertmax range, or paired with vertical machines for insulated glazing production lines.

Practical and intelligent

As part of the production process in a glassworks facility, the V-Loader offers the perfect combination of quality, productivity and flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency. The simplicity of the interface makes it extremely easy to use, as well as facilitating the diagnostics process for the operator. This device also enables less experienced operators begin production immediately.

Design without limits

With V-Loader, there are no limits when it comes to the design of glass structures, even those of large dimensions. The automatic activation and independent management of the suction cups enables all types of project to be completed, rendering changes in shape and size straightforward. V-Loader is the ideal solution for batch-one production.

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