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Helix System

Helix System is the result of Diamut and Intermac desire to develop a revolutionary drilling system not currently available on the market, which is able to drill holes with upper and lower integrated countersink on glass plates up to 19mm thickness, using a single CNC machine tool.

The today’s technology limits operators to use two tools, and also involves a number of limitations; in fact does not include the bottom countersinking, implies the use of different drill bits for different diameter holes and the final quality is never the same between two sequential operations.

Thanks to the synergy with Intermac and the development of a specific software, the descent of the tool is no longer vertical but occurs with a spiral movement; the entrance is through the upper part of the tool, and instead of being drilled, the glass is ground to create a hole. Once the hole is completed, side grinding starts, enlarging the hole up to the nominal dimension. After this stage, the lower and upper countersinking starts and any imperfection is deleted. Helix System is available on the CNC work centres range built from 2005 onwards.

Helix system is a patent pending solution of Biesse.

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