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The glass architect

Established in 1928 in Spain, Cricursa started operating in the curved glass industry. It 'just that, in fact, the meaning of his name: Cristales Curvados.

Today it's Ferran Figuerola and Alex Sasplúgas, grandchildren of the founders, to deal with the management of the company, which has a production plant more than 12,000 square meters and is the protagonist in the most significant architectural works in the world.

Customer: Cricursa
Actual Work City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Website: cricursa.com/en/

For Cricursa the most important product is always curved glass, but the company has made many changes over the years: from furniture, automotive glass, to great architectural works. But what remains a principle guideline for the company is the importance of maintaining the know-how in a context characterized by a number of processes for which there are no machines. Thanks to this approach, the company has become a pioneer in special products.

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The idea of designing a new machine is born at the moment when Cricursa realizes the importance of large size even in the curved glass sector, from there the initiative to create a special machine able to work the edge of large sheets. Cricursa's relationship with Intermac goes back a number of years, and its strength lies in the latter's ability to fulfil all the needs of the company, both with regard to design and performance, as well as delivering on fundamental requirements such as delivery times and after-sales service. "Intermac was a natural choice for us, the perfect partner with whom to develop a machine that until that point, simply did not exist."
Intermac provided the winning solution, fulfilling all the needs of both design and perfomance, respecting fundamental requirements such as delivery time and after-sales services
Ferran Figuerola Founder and general manager
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