Master 850-1200: Photo 1
Master 850-1200

Universal CNC working center for stone


The Master 850-1200 range represents the evolution of large Intermac machining centers for the machining of sheets, slabs and blocks of natural and composite stone. The uniqueness of this machine is that it can achieve a very high quality finish not just on sheets but on slabs and blocks as well. It's the ideal "all in one" solution for marble processing applied to construction, monumental, funerary and architectural projects.

Master 850-1200: Photo 2
Sturdy and extremely robust with elevated load capacity for blocks of granite, marble and stone.
Steel frame and solid refaced aluminium surface. Low surface to simplify loading with a forklift or jumper carriage. Special care for the comfort of the operator, who can access the surface from all sides and easily get to the tool magazine.

High level technology for the best results and extremely easy to use. The 5-axis head with endless rotation C axis and tilting A axis (from -90° to +90°) ensures excellent flexibility and pushes the limit for the execution of complex machining operations.

Ideal for machining slabs.
The Master 850-1200 range is the perfect synthesis of extreme power and precise, high-quality finish, an ideal solution that offers the utmost flexibility for machining sheets.
Master 850-1200: Photo 3
Easy and rapid shaping of slabs and blocks
Perfect for 5-axis machining on small slabs for funeral art.
The extreme ease and speed with which slabs and blocks are shaped - thanks to a powerful electrospindle that can drive a disc with a max diameter of 625 or 1000 mm paired with extra long tools - guarantees a high quality finish even when brushing, milling and polishing shaped or convex profiles and surfaces facing different directions.
Master 850-1200: Photo 4
Suction Cups
The new generation of rectangular suction cups on all Master working centers.
The new rectangular suction cups guarantee better vacuum retention compared to traditional suction cups, they are available in all versions and sizes and guarantee maximum customization flexibility.
Master 850-1200: Photo 5
MASTER 850-1200
Main features
Master 850-1200: Photo 6
Maximum finish quality.
Master 850-1200: Photo 7
Robust and fast.
Master 850-1200: Photo 8
Excellent performance, even on lowered work tables.
Master 850-1200: Photo 9
Machining quality and speed.
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