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Newest Technologies shown at Inside Intermac Summer

Intermac America invites you to join us June 7-8 for our Summer 2018 Inside Intermac event at the 23,000 sq ft showroom in Charlotte.

Intermac’s Master 38.5 5-Axis CNC, Genius cutting table for ceramics and Montresor’s Luna 7.4 Edge Polisher will all be under power and ready to demo. You will also experience the unrivaled performance and reliability of Diamut tooling inside our demo area and discover the synergies between our industry-leading technologies.

• The Master 38.5 is perfect for a wide range of stone fabrication including three-dimensional works and cup wheel polishing of edges at 90 degrees, a critical component in the production of square corner sinks. The 38.5 provides optimum drilling, cutting and shaping capabilities, and with standard 53-tool capability, there is also an option for six on the head to increase efficiency. The 5-axis comes in a plus version with the Z axis extending 650 mm, allowing for the production of multiple sinks from one full block of marble or granite. Additional features include a low table and recycling system for water.

• The Genius Series of cutting tables set the standard for ceramics material. Windows based PC controls allow remote troubleshooting for all aspects of machine functions and optical readers are just a few of the numerous features the Genius contains. A high-tech operating head, fitted with an automatic cutting pressure control system, controls wheel pressure from the very beginning to the end, automatically adjusting the pressure according to the geometry of the cutting path.

• Montresor’s edge polishing machines of the Luna Series are simple, easy-to-use and innovative for the production of all kinds of profiles on slab thicknesses up to 2.5 inches (60 mm). The Luna 7.4’s very simple tilting movement system greatly reduces maintenance costs and electrical power consumption. The conveyor belt runs over heavy duty-resistant stainless steel tracks precisely guiding special mechanical pressure rollers. The Luna 7.4 can also be used to produce backsplash.

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