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Corporate Intermac EasySTONE CAD/CAM Software: Photo 1

Intermac EasySTONE CAD/CAM Software

As its name implies, our EasySTONE CAD/CAM software features simple and intuitive navigation powered by a Windows operating system. It guides the operator from design and arrangement of pieces on the work table through optimizing tool and machining workflow and generating ISO machine programs. It is ideal for programming the most desirable stone machining operations using all types of tools, such as profiling and polishing edges, creating kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops and shower pans, as well as engraving, shaping and finishing billets.

The advent of EasySTONE means fabricators only need one software to program across their entire machine range. This innovative software seamlessly controls every stage of the process from cutting to routing, integrating their Donatoni bridge saw with their Master CNC router.

EasySTONE  by DDX for Master 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines can create and import 2D and 3D projects in the most widely used standard formats (.dxf, .stl, .iges). It also easily imports images using standard formats (.jpg, .bmp) and converts them for programming and machining bas relief and intricate carvings used in sculpting natural marble and stone. The software’s high resolution graphics simulate how a tool works on the part and where it will remove material.

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