Coverings'19 Wrap Up

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Michele Ragno Vice President of Sales - Stone Division
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Charlotte, N.C.  (April 18, 2019) – Even if you had walked the entire nine miles of show floor at Coverings 2019, you wouldn’t have seen anything more memorable than the Industry 4.0 innovations showcased at the Intermac exhibit. The Intermac, Donatoni and Montresor team said that enthusiasm for moving forward into the future will continue to drive their sales in the weeks to come.

The most notable show trend for Intermac proved to be fabricators’ commitments to investing in cutting table technology such as the Intermac Genius RS-A cutting table. It enables companies that work with ceramics to effectively respond to current cut-to-size market demand without relying on outsourcing. The Montresor Vela vertical flat edge polisher’s ability to produce a mirror polish on straight edges of granite, engineered stone, ceramics and marble also got a great deal of notice and interest.

Attendees also responded very positively to the capabilities of SOPHIA IoT, which was recognized with the Best Product Award at TISE 2019. The new platform speeds Industry 4.0 automation by making it easy for facilities to monitor production, analyze how machines are functioning, identify malfunctions, assist clients in maintenance operations, and much more. SOPHIA provides information and data from machines in real time, through intuitive dashboards. 

Booth visitors saw exactly how investing in a Master Series CNC router can help their companies realize the strength and power of SOPHIA. Master One works in a cell with Master Loader, a robotic arm designed and built to optimize loading and unloading times for work centers and water-jet machines. They were also impressed by new EasySTONE by DDX, which provides seamless software integration between the new Master One CNC router and the Donatoni Jet CNC bridge saw.

Given their success at Coverings 2019, the Intermac, Donatoni and Montresor team eagerly looks forward to moving into the next 30 years of Coverings in 2020.

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