Verona Fiere - 26th/29th of September 2018
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ALL IN ONE power that anyone can afford
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor, together for the first time in one location, will physically represent the "ALL IN ONE" concept which characterises the three brands' communication to express how the union of technological capability and a wide-spread distribution network are capable of providing solutions for the creation of a digitalised factory and 360° customer care service, through a single contact point.
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Master 33.5 Plus - 38.5 Plus - 45.5 Plus
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Master 850
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Primus 402
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Genius RS-A Stone
Exhibition Area Square Metres
Technologies on Display
Intermac Experts
A synergy of tailored solutions
The stand will feature work centres, water-jet machines, bridge saws, cutting centres, edge-polishers, finishing systems, and collaborative robotics systems in order to provide operators from the stone and stone engineering sectors a synergy of tailored solutions that can be integrated with one another and that are able to help our clients' businesses evolve to a new dimension.
Technology and process

Smart Automation

Automation, where and when it is needed. This is Intermac's motto when it comes to the integration and automation of processes. The journey towards a perfect manufacturing process is not synonymous with the total replacement of the operator, but rather means applying intelligent automation to the process in an effort to reduce system inefficiencies to zero, avoid waste of time, and maintain human involvement where and when it provides an actual added value.


Flexible integration

Thanks to SOPHIA, an IOT service platform, the process of factory digitalisation is further made a reality. This new platform, implemented in the wood sector and as of September also available for Intermac, provides, through an intuitive dashboard, real time information and data from machines distributed around the world. The data collected makes it possible to monitor production, analyse the functioning of the machinery, identify malfunctions, assist clients in maintenance operations, order replacement parts in less time, and conduct predictive maintenance.

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Live The Experience
Live The Experience
@intermachq Sep 28, 2019
#Naturality or enhance the uniqueness and #geodiversity of the #Stone. The two projects on display at the #Ristorantedautore exhibition: Archètipo, a project by @simonebellan and Dark Skapto, a project by Paolo Criveller. @crive_studio #design #architecture #marble #marmomac #italianstonetheatre #stoneprocessing #stonetechnology #instastone #stonegram #innovation #Marmomac2019 #instadesign #designgram #ItalianStoneTheatre #instadesign #designlove #designlovers #lovedesign #designers #designers #instatechnology #technology #Generelli @generelli_sa
@intermachq Sep 28, 2019
The energy of #water and the power of #stone. #Reflections, a #madewithIntermac design masterpiece created by Paolo Criveller @crive_studio and @hiroyuki_yamada_illust, now on display in Hall 5 at @marmo_mac. #design #architecture #marble #marmomac #italianstonetheatre #stoneprocessing #stonetechnology #instastone #stonegram #innovation #Marmomac2019 #instadesign #designgram #ristorantedautore #TheItalianStoneTheatre #instadesign #designlove #designlovers #designgram #instatechnology #technology #Generelli @generelli_sa
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor at Marmomac 2019: Together for Excellence
Exhibitions and Events Sep 9, 2019
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor at Marmomac 2019: Together for Excellence
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine and Montresor will participate in the 54th edition of Marmomac, the world's leading trade show for the stone industry, September 25-28, 2019 in Verona, Italy.
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