Join us at NovaStone!

August 1st
Burnaby, BC Open in Maps
Join us at NovaStone!
Burnaby, BC Open in Maps
Join us at NovaStone

Join us at NovaStone, a leading provider of customized stonework, as they open their production facility to showcase how Intermac, Donatoni and Montresor technology are working together to deliver top quality products

Learn more about NovaStone and what they thiknk about the technology they own and join us as we tour their operational production facility!



NovaStone Open House: Photo 1
CNC Machining Centres

Intermac CNC Master 33: two machines that can run multiple pieces at one time and are capable of grinding and polishing stone to extremely tight tollerances.

NovaStone Open House: Photo 2
Vertical Edge Polisher

Montresor Edgepolisher Luna 7.4: bullnose edge polishing machine that is simple, easy-to- use and innovative, for the production of all kinds of profiles on slab thicknesses between 15 and 100 mm.

NovaStone Open House: Photo 3
Donatoni Jet Saw 625

Donatoni Jet Saw 625: a 5 interpolated axes CNC bridge mill, with Z axis stroke of 400mm, rotating blade head swiveling from -5 to +365 degrees and tilting from 0 to 90 degrees. The Jet can perform orthogonal cuts up to 200mm, oblique, circular and elliptical cuts, and almost all types of shaping and carving.

NovaStone Open House: Photo 4
NovaStone Open House: Photo 5
Technologies on display
Master Series
The range of machining centers dedicated to stone processing.
Jet 625 CNC
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