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When Excellence Meets Customization

Building a Legacy of Success in Custom Stonework

Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Nova Stone is one of Canada's leading providers of quality customized stonework. Company founder and director John Matas began as a sole proprietor in the late 1990s before Nova Stone was incorporated in 2004. The company's 16 employees collaborate with approximately 30 subcontractors for their stone work in residential and commercial applications.

Nova Stone began working with Intermac in 2014 when Matas purchased a Master 33 CNC from local distributor Infinti Equipment. So pleased with the performance of the machine, he acquired another Master 33 along with a Donatoni Jet 625 from Infiniti last summer. "Intermac has been absolutely great," Matas said. "When the technician came up and did the install, he did exactly what he said he would do. He trained the guys and later they went online with you and solved any problems, even when we added the second and third machines." Intermac technology provides the perfect complement to Nova Stone's artisan craftsmanship, something that will help the company's legacy endure for many years to come. "What Intermac has done to help with the growth of Nova Stone is added the accuracy and repeatability needed in today's demanding market to produce a quality product at a high volume with reduced tooling costs and overhead," Intermac Product Area Manager Steve Wygal said. "Skilled labor can produce quality and artistic pieces each day, but the technology and precision that Intermac and Donatoni provide can produce this quality generation after generation." Nova Stone's operators have been influential in the company's decision to expand their working relationship with Intermac, according to Matas. Finding software that is both user-friendly and dependable were contributing factors in that development. "That's why we decided after the first Intermac Master 33 that we bought to carry on with the Master and then decided to go with Donatoni just to keep everything under one umbrella," Matas said. "I am planning to stay with Intermac. I'm going to be loyal to Intermac because so far I've had no issues." While Matas doesn't deal directly with hotliners, Nova Stone's shop manager relayed several positive examples of the company's after-sales experience to him. The quickness of response time and in finding solutions proved to be consistent across the board. "He was able to get a fast response in getting someone online," Matas said. "These were usually software related issues and they were able to log into our machine and fix it fairly fast, pretty much within a day. We were also very pleased with that." When it comes to the Donatoni Jet 625, Nova Stone's experience has been equally satisfying so far. Matas noticed a dramatic increase in productivity after the machine was installed last year. "When we installed the Jet 625, it increased my production by at least 40%," he said. "When I saw how fast it cut and how you can do the layouts, I was very, very pleasantly pleased with how efficient it was. Obviously with the Master 33, I already knew about the increases in production because I had bought one before." Nova Stone's decision to keep growing with Intermac has proven to be beneficial in many ways. When asked for a reason he'd recommend Intermac to prospective buyers, Matas provided three that summarize his overall satisfaction with the partnership. "Great product, great service and fair price," he said.

"I am planning on staying with Intermac and being a loyal customer."
John Matas Nova Stone Owner & Director
John Matas
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