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Lakeside Surfaces, Inc. flat out wins the race with Master 45.3

When Matt Neiger gives shop tours of Lakeside Surfaces, Inc. in Norton Shores, Michigan, he says he considers their CNC machines to be “the high performance race cars of our industry.” One of the revved up, high performing machines he points to with great pride is their Intermac Master 45.3.

“When we were looking at building a new state-of-the-art countertop production facility back in 2016, we went through an extensive process of deciding how to equip it. Automotive and aerospace are both huge in our neck of the woods here in Michigan, so we’ve got kind of a manufacturing mindset. At the time Neiger’s engineers went through and vetted every major machine manufacturer in their industry, so as he said, “We had a pretty big ‘ask’ about the operation of all the machines.”

Where the “rubber met the road,” Intermac won hands down. “We were impressed with the quality of the manufacturing process Intermac uses to build their machines. It was clear that they had done the right amount of design and engineering to give us a machine that would deliver high tolerances in the somewhat harsh manufacturing environment of fabricating stone.”

Neiger said they had seen other Intermac machines built 10 or 15 years ago, and though they were less sophisticated, they were still running strong and holding their tolerances. “When you’re cutting countertops within a thousandth of an inch, that’s pretty impressive. We felt the components Intermac used made a big difference,” he said.




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