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Vertmax One, the vertical machining center accessible to everyone and high-performance like no other


With its new vertical technology, Intermac confirms its leadership in the development of glass machining technology. The Vertmax ONE range offers the market unique, compact solutions that are high-performing, accessible and user-friendly.  

Our new compact vertical machining center is based on the revolutionary concept of machining the piece vertically.  It was designed and developed to meet the needs of companies of every size, from small glassworks that want to see their production evolve technologically with limited investment, to large-scale factories producing articles in a quicker and more flexible way, with lower costs. 


Ideal for doors, shower boxes, balustrades, interior/exterior furnishings, and large windows with oversized glass sheets, Vertmax One adapts perfectly to any production need. It can machine sheets measuring up to 3000x1500 mm. 

The technology of this new machining center stands out for its excellent productivity and machining speed. Vertmax One is the ideal solution for easily carrying out every machining operation, from glossy and rough grinding to quick boring. It uses twin power with HSD electrospindles to mill and grind both notches and openings in the inner part of the glass, always with optimum results. 


Top machining quality is guaranteed by the Pilot System, designed to ensure flawless polishing during vertical machining, minimizing vibrations and maintaining perfect tool centering during operations on the edges, even when far away from the suction cup hold area. This system can even work sharp internal radii, thanks to the compact new design of the front head. 

With its ZERO SET-UP TIME technology, Vertmax One guarantees quick automatic tooling and can carry out all the machining operations needed to create a product, without operator preparation of the work table.


Vertmax One has two independent carriages with two suction cups for each one.

This fully automatic technology optimizes the grip on the glass in relation to its size, shape and machining, without taking up extra time. It also makes the machine unique in terms of both productivity and flexibility, so it can process every type of glass in a single machine cycle.

Thanks to the automatic repositioning of the carriages, even the most complex machining operations can be carried out without having to unload the glass from the machine and then reload it. The process is entirely managed via the intelligence of the IC software, giving Vertmax ONE an exceptional advantage when it comes to simplicity. IC is the new Intermac software based on the iCam experience and is characterized by a modern interface, that is extremely easy to use and achieves optimized calculating power, offering unbeatable programming functions and flexibility. 


Last but not least, Vertmax One can be fully integrated with Intermac's Aqua vertical washers. The two technologies are complementary and ensure line certification in keeping with EC regulations.


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Corporate The Vertical Machining Center Accessible to Everyone: Photo 1
Corporate The Vertical Machining Center Accessible to Everyone: Photo 2
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