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Marmomac 2022

27TH-30TH SEPTEMBER 2022 See timing
Verona, Italy Open in Maps
Intermac and Diamut at Marmomac 2022

Intermac and Diamut will meet you at Marmomac, which will take place from 27 to 30 September in Verona.

In Hall 5, you will also be able to see a selection of the most innovative technologies for stone machining operations in action. These offer those operating in the stonecutting, engineering stone and ceramic material industries tailored solutions that can be integrated with each other, able to evolve our client's business and take it to a new dimension.

All main Diamut solutions dedicated to machining operations, such as edge polishers, large slabs and kitchen tops, will be featured inside a renovated space.

The wide range of Diamut tools on show at Marmomac are the best solution for our customers' businesses, allowing them to attain their goals in a much more efficient way. (Hall 7, Stand C6).

Diamut's products anticipate the needs of a continually evolving market and can adapt to any type of material that needs to be shaped, working in perfect harmony with the machine.

Diamut's constant research and innovation efforts have led to the creation of a new cobalt-free binder employed on the entire range of products: the binder includes the use of metal powders with low environmental impact and harmless to health.

Events Marmomac 2022: Photo 1
Primus is a range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility. It offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials: natural, sintered stone, ceramic materials and glass.
Events Marmomac 2022: Photo 2
Systems for storing and handling sheets of natural stone, quartz and ceramic.
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A range of cutting tables designed to meet every stone workshop requirement.
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MASTER 38.3 - Latest-generation technology
The Master Series is the range of Intermac machining centers dedicated to stone processing. These technologies can machine sheets of natural materials, ceramics and synthetic materials used for floors, façades and cladding, furnishings, kitchen tops and funerary applications.
Events Marmomac 2022: Photo 5
Faster 64
The edge polishers from the faster series polish flat edges of marble, granite, quartz, sintered materials and ceramics to a mirror shine.
Events Marmomac 2022: Photo 6
 Easystone is cad/cam software specialised for the machining of marble, granite, stone and synthetic materials using cnc machining centres. it is used widely in the sector and allows for the execution of the most common machining operations for stone. the software is compatible with previously installed easystone packages and allows for flexible configuration on the basis of the customer's needs.
Events Marmomac 2022: Photo 7
With over 6,500 packages installed, icam is the best seller in the history of intermac and guarantees the elevated competence of the global service. compatible with the intermac machines already installed.
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Smartconnection is a software package for managing job orders within the company - from the generation phase to scheduling and actual production start-up - in just a few simple, intuitive steps.
The Plus Theatre – “ETICA - LITICA”
Biesse is part of the “Etica - Litica” (“Ethics - Lithic”) exhibition curated by ADI Italia – Association for Industrial Design – Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige delegation, held at “The Plus Theatre – Cultural projects 2022”, whose aim is the realisation of prototypes developed with a focus on sustainability, mass production lines, easier transport and product positioning.
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Technologies on display

Work centres

Master Series

The range of machining centres dedicated to stone processing.



All functions just a click away



The most simple answer

Production Planning & Control


Managing production in a simple, user-friendly manner

Tables for sintered materials cutting

Genius CT-RED series

A range of cutting tables designed to meet every stone workshop requirement:
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Marmomac 2022
Intermac and Diamut at Marmomac 2022
Timing and location
9.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Verona, Italy Open in Maps
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