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Simplicity, the real revolution

Luna, Montresor's edge polisher, stands out for the ultimate versatility in the machining of shapes and for optimising energy consumption.

The impeccable performance of Luna is the fruit of bringing together technology and experience perfected over 50 years of machining. The secret lies in the simplicity of the mechanism: the rotation of the operating units was achieved with a limited number of mechanical components, an approach that helps minimise the parts subject to wear, thereby saving time and maintenance costs.

Luna also has a reduced environmental footprint. Electricity requirements were kept low, thanks to the independent initiation of the engines, and the oscillation of units on the way out helps double the production of ribbed edges, half torus edges, and flat edges that include a straight side and an inclined side.

Excellent results are of course guaranteed by the quality of components made in Italy, all the engines were produced in Italy in compliance with IE3 directives for high efficiency and the centralised automatic lubrication system ensures the elevated durability of parts, whose warranty lasts a full 2 years.

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