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Exhibitions and Events Inside Spring 2021, an extraordinary edition  to be experienced without boundaries.: Photo 1

Inside in Action: technology, on-life. Inside is going the extra mile, with real and digital.

The three forms of Inside In Action, held from 5th to 30th October at the Pesaro Campus and on https://inside.biessegroup.com/, is a global event, both digital and live, with which Biesse is presenting the market with its latest solutions for machining wood, advanced materials, glass and stone.


Running in Pesaro until 30th October, INSIDE LIVE is the traditional live event that confirms and reinforces the efforts made by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut to provide innovative solutions to automate and revolutionise the world of manufacturing. The Pesaro showrooms of Biesse and Intermac have opened their doors in absolute safety: over 40 machines, products and digital services waiting to be discovered, fully respecting the protocol governing the health and safety of customers, employees and the workplace. Thanks to a booking system set up online exclusively for the event, customers can arrange their visit autonomously on the basis of daily availability, observing the safety measures in full.

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