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Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 1
Vertmax Series

CNC vertical machining

Vertmax is the range of vertical machining centres based on the revolutionary concept of the movement of the work piece: ideal both for batch-one production and large-scale manufacturing, it also enables less experienced operators to start producing immediately.
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 2
Unparalleled quality and reliability
The patented dynamic repositioning system for the suction cup carriages
The independent carriage system guarantees unparalleled machining quality. The dynamic repositioning of the suction cups allows for increased final piece productivity, for machining of unstable glass sheets which could otherwise not be processed using traditional vertical machines and for increased final machining precision.

The automatic setting of the work table and the rapid tooling speed make Vertmax an ideal solution for a host of applications, ensuring that it is always ready for both large batches and batch-one manufacturing.

Vertmax is the innovative solution based on a revolutionary vertical work piece handling concept. The innovative patented system with 4 fully-independent suction cup carriages, each of which is equipped with 3 suction cups, enables the automatic configuration of the position of the suction cups on the work piece, in accordance with the shapes to be created, with work table setting times reduced to zero.

Focus on
All machining operations in a single machine

Vertmax is the perfect solution for the “just in time” creation of doors, shower cubicles, display cases, cupboard doors, furnishing items, household appliances, windows for industrial vehicles, and structural façades.

Depending on the configuration required, Vertmax can easily perform boring, countersinking and milling operations on the sheet of glass, or, with the complete version of the machine, can also carry out grinding and polishing operations on the edge of the sheet.

Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 3
Integrated efficiency
V-Loader is the automatic loader designed to remove glass sheets from the pallet, depositing these on the roller bed. Both practical and intelligent, the V-Loader can be seamless integrated into the production process in a glassworks facility, for the perfect combination of quality, productivity and flexibility, with maximum efficiency guaranteed.
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 4
Vertmax Series
Main features
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 5
Maximum ergonomics and optimised space
thanks to the vertical position of the glass.
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 6
Tooling times reduced to zero
thanks to the automatic configuration of the suction cups which hold the glass in place.
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 7
Extensive scope for machining sheets of both small and large dimensions.
Vertical work centres Vertmax series: Photo 8
All machining operations in a single machine.
Vertmax series
The total glass experience in a single software package.

IC was created from the experience and reliability of icam which, with over 7500 packages installed in 180 countries, is the most widely used cad/cam software in the world when it comes to glass applications.

  • renewed graphic interface that’s user-friendly and easy to pick up thanks to self-learning concepts, but without compromises in terms of functions and programming flexibility
  • robust, reliable platform
  • enhanced calculation power thanks to the use of the latest development technologies
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