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Corporate Movetro, a new visual identity with the same technological value as ever: Photo 1

Movetro unveils a new visual identity following a rebranding project that saw the complete overhaul of the image of the brand that has led the sector dedicated to the storage and handling of flat glass sheets for over 15 years.

The new image of Movetro - a company from the province of Padua and a point of reference in terms of its expertise, quality and design skills, recognised at international level - constitutes an optimum representation of the technological value of the company, and reflects its focus on the future, while maintaining the innovative principles it applies to the processing of materials.

The graphic image is centred around a logo which has evolved from the previous incarnation, maintaining the same dynamic, central lines on a visual level; it evokes a sheet of glass, both in colour and shape. Indeed, the colour of the logo conjures both the transparency and the delicate rigidity of glass, the material par excellence to which a significant portion of Movetro's product range is dedicated. In fact, the company has established itself on the international market as a leader in the production of classifiers, shuttle warehouses, automatic loaders, loaders and tilting machines, operating in the sector dedicated to the storage and handling of flat glass sheets.

Furthermore, Movetro is now expanding its range, adding to its traditional historical product line with automatic systems for handling natural stone, quartz and ceramic slabs. As such, the colour of the new logo has been adapted, with the addition of a shade that evokes the grey of granite, the hues of quartz and the nuances of natural stone.

The name of the brand, characterised by a contemporary typeface in capital letters, underlines the direct nature of the tone taken by the company which is widely known in the flat glass sheet handling sector, and is perfectly integrated with the branding and communication strategy of Biesse, the industrial group that Movetro has been part of since 2017. Thanks to its partnership with Movetro, Intermac (the glass division of Biesse) intends to further add to its range of 4.0 ready solutions for the glass industry in the era of digital manufacturing, and through this collaboration, presents itself as the ideal partner for the design and creation of fully automatic and integrated turnkey systems and special lines.

The dynamic lines that characterise the new graphic image will be applied across every communication channel, from product brochures and sales materials to the larger elements that make up the physical showroom, as well as the all-new website.

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