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Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 1

Genius RS-A is the entry-level cutting table for float glass that offers the same technological solutions as the high-level systems used in the cutting lines of the biggest industry operators. It optimises the sheet being machined in order to maintain high levels of cutting precision over time, guaranteeing a great return on investment.

Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 2

The entire Genius range is designed for cutting lines that can work perfectly on two or three shifts, and which are used to process large volumes.

An intelligent and compact combination

Two machines in one compact package: particularly suitable for companies with limited space that produce a range of products.

The combination of the two Genius RS-A cutting tables for float glass and the Genius LM cutting table for laminated glass represents a smart, compact solution for companies that need to work with both of these materials.

Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 3
Also ideal for ceramic materials

The Genius RS-A enables linear and shaped ceramic sheets to be dry-cut in a simple, intuitive manner.

Intermac expands its cutting horizons to low-thickness ceramic materials, with a new technology that enables pieces of up to 12 mm thick (for linear cuts) and 3 mm thick (for shaped cuts) to be cut with ease.

Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 4
Main features
Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 5
Ergonomic and compact
thanks to significantly reduced overall size and height.
Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 6
Maximum performance and precision
thanks to the planarity of the ground work table.
Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 7
High cutting accuracy
Float glass cutting tables Genius RS-A: Photo 8
Absolute machining flexibility
Genius RS-A
Maximum ease of use

When integrated with smart software, Intermac solutions serve to minimise operator intervention, ensuring a clearer overview of the entire process, as well as greater levels of safety. A product which leading glassworks facilities would struggle to do without.

The operator interface is simple and intuitive, and enables cutting programmes generated by a range of the optimisers present on the market to be imported, courtesy of the integrated OTD (Optimiser Transferring Data) universal interface that automatically defines cutting parameters and generates the programme for the cutting table.

Tech a Break - Intermac Genius Duo - Focus on Genius RS-A

Welcome back to Tech a Break, the Biesse technology pills. Watch the video and discover with Stefano Forlani, Brand Sales Manager, all the possibilities offered by Genius RS-A table for processing float glass.

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