Glasstec 2022

20TH-23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 Voir horaires
Düsseldorf, Germany Ouvrez dans Maps
Glasstec 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany Ouvrez dans Maps
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Intermac, Diamut and Forvet look forward to seeing you at Glasstec!

Glasstec represents an international point of reference for the manufacturing industry, offering guests the opportunity to discover the latest innovations and market trends.

It's the place for meeting up with our experts who, in conditions of absolute safety, will show you how to develop your factory from the 4.0 perspective.


HALL 16 will feature a selection of the most innovative Intermac solutions: machining centres, cutting tables, double edgers, waterjet cutting machines, and vertical machining centres integrated with vertical washing machines.

Glasstec is also the perfect occasion for discovering all the benefits of the new software, now available on all Intermac numerical control machines.

In Hall 16 Booth D42 you'll see how Diamut tools, in perfect harmony with the machine, adapt completely to any type of material that needs to be shaped.

Evénement Glasstec 2022: Photo 1
The entire MOVETRO range is the point of reference for the design and installation of automatic systems for the storage and handling of glass sheets. 
All the MOVETRO solutions are tailor made and designed to enhance company performance, optimising levels of automation, efficiency and safety of the production unit.
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Master can be perfectly integrated in a line with robots and loading/unloading systems. It's the ideal solution for those who need automated solutions for producing large batches (the household appliance field and the automotive, electronic and furnishing sectors).
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Cutting tables for laminated and float glass. 

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The Busetti F series is the ideal solution for flat edge grinding operations with standard 2 mm or 15 mm axis with 45° profile, ideal for small, medium and large glassworks companies with flexible production: from structural glass, partitioning walls, balustrades and stairs to shower boxes and furnishings.
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Technologies on display

Tables de coupe pour verre

Lignes Genius Comby

Des solutions dédiées aux différents types de productions et aux exigences spécifiques des clients.

Machines et systèmes pour l'usinage bilatéral

Séries Busetti F

La solution pour le façonnage du joint plat avec arêtes standard de 2 mm ou de 15 mm avec profilé à 45°

Centres d'usinage

Cellules de travail Master

Master s'intègre parfaitement dans les lignes avec robots et les systèmes de chargement et déchargement.

Storage systems and handling


Systèmes de stockage et de manutention
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Glasstec 2022
Intermac and Forvet technologies and Diamut tools at Glasstec 2022.
Horaires et emplacements
9.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Düsseldorf, Germany Ouvrez dans Maps
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