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Intermac technology and Diamut tools shine at VITRUM 2021.

Intermac and Diamut will bring the factory 4.0 to Milan through innovative technology, advanced software and cutting-edge tools. 

VITRUM is one of the most important international trade shows in the sector and offers a complete overview of the latest technology in the world of Intermac machinery and software and Diamut tools with ever-increasing performance levels. It's a superb opportunity to meet with our experts who, in conditions of absolute safety, will show visitors how to develop their factories from the 4.0 perspective.



HALL 24, will feature a selection of the most innovative Intermac solutions: machining centres, cutting tables, double edgers, waterjet cutting machines, and vertical machining centres integrated with vertical washing machines. VITRUM is also the perfect occasion for the launch of the new IC software, now available on all Intermac numerical control machines. The stand will also feature the full range of Diamut tools, designed to produce more and better at lower costs: cup grinders and peripheral grinders, drills, milling cutters, and slitting discs capable of working in perfect synergy with Intermac's sophisticated machines.

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VERTMAX ONE - Accessible to everyone, high-performing like no other
Vertmax ONE is the compact vertical machining centre based on the revolutionary concept of machining the piece vertically: designed and developed to meet the needs of small glassworks that want to see their production evolve technologically with limited investment, but also large-scale factories producing articles in a quicker and more flexible way, with lower costs.
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AQUA SERIES - Integrated washing and drying in a single solution

The Aqua series is the Intermac range of washing machines which can be fully integrated with vertical machining centres, enabling processed glass to be washed and dried in accordance with the highest standards.

Aqua guarantees extreme cleaning of all the impurities accumulated during the machine operations carried out on glass sheets, preparing these perfectly for subsequent processing operations or for leaving the machining cycle.

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GENIUS COMBY LINES - Intelligent combinations
Intermac can offer solutions for the various different types of manufacturing operations and requirements of customers.
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PRIMUS 402 - Limit-free machining operations
Primus is a range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility. It offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials from stone to metal, from glass to plastic, from ceramic to compound materials.
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MASTER 33.5 - Latest-generation technology
Master Series is the range of Made in Intermac work centres dedicated to glass machining for the products that are typical of the furniture, automotive, building and domestic appliance sectors. It represents the best solution in terms of performance and productivity, and is suitable for high-speed machining of small and large production batches. The all-new and improved Master range maintains the quality and reliability that has always characterised Intermac technology, making it an industry-leading company and an iconic point of reference in its field.
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BUSETTI F SERIES - Leading technology
The Busetti F series is the ideal solution for flat edge grinding operations with standard 2 mm or 15 mm axis with 45° profile, ideal for small, medium and large glassworks companies with flexible production: from structural glass, partitioning walls, balustrades and stairs to shower boxes and furnishings.

Biesse Group will partner in MILAN GLASS WEEK.

Milan Glass Week is a media event planned to coincide with VITRUM and bring the world of glass and the related supply chain to the centre of the city, from 5 to 8 October. The four-day event will feature activities and events with glass-related themes (industrial, construction, design, hi-tech, artistic and much more) and will highlight sustainability.

For the occasion, the group is offering a new appointment with Make & Talk entitled “Invisible, but Tangible – Glass in the Worlds of Design and Sustainability”, which will take place Wednesday, 6 October at 6pm at the Riccardo Catella Foundation, in Milan. The round table, moderated by journalist Giorgio Tartaro, will see the participation of Ascanio Zocchi, design manager of Glass Group and a member of ADI, and  Lanfranco Fontanelli, Biesse Group's Glass, Stone, and Advanced Materials Sales Director, who will talk about how glass is a part of the future, allowing today's designers to combine creativity and technology while respecting the environment.

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Vitrum Life

A special digital space

Intermac technology and Diamut tools occupy a special digital space on VITRUM Life, a publishing portal that hosts content related to glass in its many forms and applications.


Contamination is the kew word of the new issue of Make magazine

Biesse Group has released the next edition of Make magazine, now in its ninth issue. The issue's key word, Contamination, reflects on the current and revolutionised global context which is still affected by the pandemic, but allows for further and original reflections that put into play, and create a relationship between, technology, art, and future.

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Genius Comby Lines
Soluciones dedicadas a los diferentes tipos de producción y necesidades específicas del cliente.
Primus Series
La gama de máquinas de corte por chorro de agua diseñadas para satisfacer las necesidades de las empresas que buscan la máxima versatilidad.
Busetti F series
La solución para procesar cable plano con rosca estándar de 2 mm o 15 mm con perfil de 45 °
Master Series
La gama de centros de trabajo Made in Intermac dedicada al procesamiento de vidrio para productos típicos en el mundo del mueble, la automoción, la construcción y los electrodomésticos.
Lavadoras verticales para vidrio plano
Vertmax ONE
Vertmax ONE es el centro de mecanizado vertical compacto basado en el revolucionario concepto de mecanizado vertical de la pieza: diseñado y desarrollado para satisfacer las necesidades de las pequeñas cristalerías que desean ver evolucionar su producción tecnológicamente con una inversión limitada
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Viva la experiencia
Viva la experiencia
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Eventos y Ferias 17 de sep. de 2019
Intermac en Vitrum 2019: el futuro de la industria ya está aquí
Intermac exhibe el futuro de la Industria 4.0 en Vitrum: tecnologías innovadoras y revolucionarias que permiten concebir hoy la fábrica del mañana.
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Intermac technology and Diamut tools at VITRUM 2021.
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