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Marmomac 2021

29 de septiembre – 2 de octubre de 2021 Ver horarios
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En el primer plano
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine y Montresor en Marmomac 2021

In Hall 5 there'll be demonstrations of machining centres, water-jet machines, bridge saws, cutting centres, edge polishers, finishing systems and robotics systems to provide operators in the stone, stone engineering and ceramics fields with tailored solutions that can be combined to help our customers' businesses evolve into a new dimension. The fusion of technological capacity with a vast distribution network means the three brands can offer solutions for the creation of the digital factory with 360° customer care.

On the strength of the visibility generated by sharing space with two leading names like Intermac and Donatoni Macchine (both widely renowned in the stone sector), Montresor will be adding its own high quality solutions to the wide range of products that customers will be able to try out in Verona. 

A renewed space - Hall 7, Stand C6 - will be dedicated to all the main Diamut solutions for the machining operations carried out with edge-polishers on solid wood and kitchen tops. The wide range of Diamut tools on show at Marmomac are the best solution for our customers' businesses, allowing them to attain their goals in a much more efficient way. Diamut's products anticipate the needs of a continually evolving market and can adapt to any type of material that needs to be shaped, working in perfect harmony with the machine.

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MASTER ONE - Unique and unparalleled for quality and performance
The Master One is a 3-axis machining centre dedicated to the processing of stone and sintered materials. It can execute any machining operation needed in a stonemason's laboratory without sacrificing performance in any way.
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MASTER 38.5 - Latest-generation technology

The Master Series is the range of Intermac machining centres dedicated to stone processing. These technologies can machine sheets of natural materials, ce-ramics and synthetic materials used for floors, façades and cladding, furnishings, kitchen tops and funerary applications.

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MASTER 33 + ROS - Latest-generation technology

It's the ideal solution for those who need automated solutions combining flex­ibility, high production standards and respected delivery times - fundamental when producing medium/large batches (the household appliance field and the automotive and furnishing sectors).

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PRIMUS 402 - Limit-free machining operations
Primus is a range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility. It offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials from stone to metal, from glass to plastic, from ceramic to compound materials.
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GENIUS RS-A - Ideal for ceramic materials
Genius RS-A is the entry-level cutting table for sintered materials that enables linear and shaped ceramic sheets to be dry-cut in a simple, intuitive manner. Intermac expands its cutting horizons to low-thickness ceramic materials, with a new technology that enables pieces of up to 12 mm thick (for linear cuts) and 3 mm thick (for shaped cuts) to be cut with ease.
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FASTER - Horizontal edge polisher with flat edge
The edge polishers from the faster series polish flat edges of marble, granite, quartz, sintered materials and ceramics to a mirror shine.
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Luna 7.4 - Horizontal edge polisher for flat and bullnose
Luna offers a host of configuration options to meet specific customer requirements and can machine a wide range of profiles. The machine can be configured with a series of accessory operating groups to support the needs of any customer.
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Vela 7.2 - Vertical edge polisher for flat edge
Vela 7.2 is the ideal edge polisher for making backsplashes, skirting boards, window sills and samples. It is suitable for all large companies that want a dedicated machine to work pieces that, due to their small size, are difficult to work with traditional machines. The possibility of equipping the machine with a rack also allows you to work pieces up to 2 meters in size, becoming a valuable ally even for laboratories with limited space.

Italian Stone Theatre

Hall 11-12 will host The Italian Stone Theatre - the traditional yet innovative display that brings together research, experimentation, marble and Italian technologies and highlights stone-working excellence with the aid of works and installations inspired by a theme chosen each year by curators Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan. For every Marmomac event in fact, Italian stone-working companies and manufacturers of machines and technologies are paired up with designers and architects to create prototypes, objects or installations.

Biesse - via Intermac - will be taking part in the “Ristorante d’autore” exhibition and, alongside illustrious names in Italian design, will use its technological superiority to interpret the purposely conceived projects, transforming them into artefacts and prototypes that fully express this all-Italian field of excellence.

Italian Stone Theatre

Trill table

The Trill table portrays the Celtic triple spiral which represents the three forces of nature: creation, preservation, and destruction.

Machining operation: with Intermac technology
and flush inlay with light surface brushing.

Composition: statuary Carrara marble
for the base and top, Marquinia black
marble for the triple spiral.

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Contamination is the key word of the new issue of Make magazine

Biesse has released the next edition of Make magazine, now in its ninth issue. The issue's key word, Contamination, reflects on the current and revolutionised global context which is still affected by the pandemic, but allows for further and original reflections that put into play, and create a relationship between, technology, art, and future.

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¿No pudiste participar en Marmomac? ¡Visite nuestro stand virtual de todos modos!

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Centros de trabajo

Master Series

La gama de centros de trabajo dedicada a la elaboración de la piedra

Centros de trabajo

Master One

Centros de trabajo para la piedra

Sistemas de corte por chorro de agua

Serie Primus

La gama de máquinas de corte a chorro de agua proyectada para satisfacer las exigencias de las empresas que buscan la máxima versatilidad.

Mesas de corte para materiales sinterizados

Genius RS-A

La mesa de corte básica para materiales sinterizados que permite cortar en seco placas cerámicas lineales y perfiladas de forma sencilla e intuitiva.

Pulidoras horizontales


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Viva la experiencia
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Marmomac 2021
Intermac, Donatoni Macchine and Montresor at Marmomac 2021
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9.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
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