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Exhibitions and Events Intermac and Diamut participate in the Smart Stone Fair,  the first digital trade show dedicated to the world of stone.: Photo 1

It's time for Smart Stone Fair 2020, the first digital fair dedicated to the stone processing industry, where Intermac and Diamut will welcome visitors and present new products through a virtual stand.

SMART STONE FAIR, a virtual trade show developed through a strategic partnership with the online B2B trading platform STONECASH, offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the sector to come together, using a truly novel approach during these times of uncertainty and social distancing.

The ambitious service is available 24 hours a day for three days, allowing businesses from any time zone to interact at any time. Intermac and Diamut have taken up the virtual challenge and will be welcoming visitors through the online platform www.smartfair.live/: the event is not meant to be an alternative to traditional trade shows but a valid complementary solution capable of facilitating business relations and bridging the gap between supply and demand on the international market.

Thanks to the Stone Cash platform the fair can count on a series of cutting-edge tools that allow users to interact with materials like never before in a global online marketplace. Through their participation in the fair, Intermac and Diamut are able to offer a real time trading experience with instant negotiations in dedicated meeting rooms and HD multimedia galleries.

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