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Intermac Academy

A new training centre is born, dedicated to customers, dealers and internal personnel.

Intermac inaugurates a structure designed to share knowledge about Intermac technology and about the machining of glass and stone, thanks to classroom and online courses, multimedia tools and hands-on training.

The structure is located in the Intermac manufacturing plant, close to the Prototypes and Testing and Experiences department, underscoring the focus on technology. A specialised team works here to coordinate company resources and share technological know-how both inside the company and with the market.

The Intermac Academy will organise classroom training and hands-on workshops, as well as using new multimedia technology to ensure more effective learning, including through distance sessions.

Thanks to this new facility, Intermac Headquarters have evolved into a veritable Campus that provides innovation, 360° consulting and personalised 4.0 ready solutions.

Corporate Intermac Academy: Photo 1
Corporate Intermac Academy: Photo 2
Corporate Intermac Academy: Photo 3
Corporate Intermac Academy: Photo 4
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