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Make the difference at Marmomac.
Three distinct but complementary large companies working in total synergy to pool their know-how and competencies for the machining of stone. Innovative solutions, powerful software and cutting-edge technology by Intermac, Donatoni Macchine and Montresor, to help you make your mark.
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Intermac / ROS (Robotically Operated System)
Intermac constantly redesigns the future of production. At Marmomac, the company will show the benefits of integrating technology with ROS (Robotically Operated Systems). These systems, which stand out for their space-saving dimensions, can be inserted into the production flow with extreme flexibility, optimizing machining cycles and combining versatility with efficiency and high return on investment. ROS will enhance the Master One machining center, a solution easily integrated into the flow of production, highlighting its innovative features.
Marmomac 2019
Dedicated to the entire stone sector, Marmomac offers the perfect place for collaboration between professionals, companies and operators who are part of the stone supply chain and interaction with designers and architects.

Linking software packages.

The exhibit will be centered around the Digital Hub, which links software packages. Visitors can examine the true heart of the applications installed on Intermac technology, including EasySTONE, developed specifically for machining marble, granite and synthetic materials. Specialized technical experts will be on hand to explain how it all works together. Visitors will also experience SOPHIA, an IoT service platform that provides real-time information and data through intuitive dashboards designed to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

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Diamut technologies on show

Diamut will demonstrate how its technology anticipates the needs of a constantly evolving market. Located in Hall 7, Booth C6, the booth will be dedicated to presenting all the main solutions for edge-polishing and machining of paving units and kitchen countertops. Diamut will also be part of the Intermac exhibit, providing an internal demo area that showcases the workmanship of Diamut tools.

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Research, experimentation, marble and Italian technology

Pavilion 1 will host The Italian Stone Theatre, an exhibit that brings together research, experimentation, marble and Italian technology. The theme for 2019 is “Naturality”, focused on the natural essence of stone. It will highlight the uniqueness and geo-diversity of stone, underscored by the addition of a green objective that emphasizes the bond between the world of minerals and the world of plants. For the 4th year in a row, Intermac will participate in the “Ristorante d’autore” exhibit. Paired with famous names in Italian design, the project showcases the power of technological superiority to transform work into artifacts and prototypes capable of expressing the excellence of Made in Italy. After winning a first place Icon Award in 2018 for the project “Marea,” performed with the cutting and working center in tandem in 2018 (DG 2000, owned by Vicentina Marmi and designed by Elena Salmistraro), Donatoni Is back in The Italian Stone Theatre with a new design project inspired by nature.

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Technologies on display

Waterjet cutting machines

Primus series

The range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility

Bridge saws


Bridge saws

Quadrix DV 1100

Cutting lines


Saw centres

Donatoni Z Series



Horizontal edge polishers

Luna 7.4

Vertical edge polishers for flat edges

Vela 7.2


Viva 3.2

Double edging machines for sintered and natural machines

Busetti F series

The range of double-edging machines perfectly able to process natural, sintered, synthetic materials with thickness from 3 to 40 mm.

Tables for sintered materials cutting

Genius RS-A

The entry-level cutting table for sintered materials that enables linear and shaped ceramic sheets to be dry-cut in a simple, intuitive manner.

Work centres

Master One

Work centres for stone processing
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The official guide for customers and visitors to Intermac novelties at Marmomac.
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Live The Experience
Live The Experience
@intermachq Sep 28, 2019
#Naturality or enhance the uniqueness and #geodiversity of the #Stone. The two projects on display at the #Ristorantedautore exhibition: Archètipo, a project by @simonebellan and Dark Skapto, a project by Paolo Criveller. @crive_studio #design #architecture #marble #marmomac #italianstonetheatre #stoneprocessing #stonetechnology #instastone #stonegram #innovation #Marmomac2019 #instadesign #designgram #ItalianStoneTheatre #instadesign #designlove #designlovers #lovedesign #designers #designers #instatechnology #technology #Generelli @generelli_sa
@intermachq Sep 28, 2019
The energy of #water and the power of #stone. #Reflections, a #madewithIntermac design masterpiece created by Paolo Criveller @crive_studio and @hiroyuki_yamada_illust, now on display in Hall 5 at @marmo_mac. #design #architecture #marble #marmomac #italianstonetheatre #stoneprocessing #stonetechnology #instastone #stonegram #innovation #Marmomac2019 #instadesign #designgram #ristorantedautore #TheItalianStoneTheatre #instadesign #designlove #designlovers #designgram #instatechnology #technology #Generelli @generelli_sa
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