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Ionia Stone Identity

Stone has a technological identity.

The artisan experience built up over five decades, a culture of stone and the continuous search for innovative techniques: ionia stone identity is the perfect blend of art, craftsmanship and technological power.

Customer: Ionia Stone Identity
Actual Work City: Verona
Country: Italy
Product: Primus series,

The charm of stone and a passion for interior design are the key to Ionia Stone Identity, a Verona firm that, for 50 years, has been embellishing the world of design (and more) with harmonious objects and surfaces that reveal the long-established entrepreneurial spirit founded in 1972 by Vincenzo Battaglia. In that year, in fact, he returned from the United States to his small home town near Catanzaro and founded what would, in just a few decades, become Ionia Stone Identity.

With great foresight, the Calabrian entrepreneur purchased a small artisan marble-working firm that produced solely for the construction industry. Over the years, the company grew, as did the new generations and the urge to take on new challenges, new markets and new technologies. 1997 saw the opening of the Rivoli Veronese site in Veneto - an area that embodies the historical heritage of the stone-working sector and is its point of reference. The constant growth was further boosted in 2007, when three production units were set up and Ionia Pietre Naturali was established in Verona, going on to become an autonomous brand aimed at the international market.

“We produce objects with an elegant design that acquires value, strength and soul thanks to the use of natural stone: tops for the kitchen and bathroom, furnishing surfaces and architectural elements using various materials and various techniques - that's what makes our style stand out" says Antonio Battaglia, CEO of Ionia Stone Identity. "Over the years, we've also worked side by side with the world of architecture, helping produce some of the most prestigious hotels and residential projects in northern Europe and transforming the material into sensitive architectural objects.

" The next generation technologies are now put into practice at the new site of 6,000 sq.m., where 30 employees work together to guarantee a production process earmarked by quality, precision and sustainability with a high innovative value. “We're tackling new challenges nowadays, and environmental protection is one of them”, explains the managing director. “For us, sustainability is a value, an opportunity and a moral obligation. We're firmly committed to respecting the surrounding environment. We work with natural materials so, for this reason especially, we want our production process to respect nature”, says Battaglia.

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“We've passed various milestones over the years, but we're always searching for innovative products and techniques, focusing on reliability and precision. And these are the exact characteristics that distinguish Intermac's technology and, in particular, the assistance guaranteed by SOPHIA. We work with high-precision waterjet technology thanks to our two Primus 402 machines, the first one purchased in 2017. We make kitchen and bathroom tops and other architectural elements in natural stone, stoneware and quartz agglomerate, even for large structures or buildings. Our customers, marble workers, dealers and contractors can count on an extensive catalogue of design products that are greatly appreciated for their top quality and machining precision; precision that, along with constant machine reliability, is guaranteed day-by-day thanks to the SOPHIA platform. Thanks, in fact, to the continuous interconnection and work flow control that SOPHIA offers us, we can rely on quick, accurate assistance at any time. It's a technologically advanced, reliable and perpetual guide for our daily work. We're fully satisfied with our choice. SOPHIA helps us confirm and further develop our technological identity based on professional skills and the craftsman's expertise”, concludes Battaglia.
Ours is an advanced technological identity thanks to our skills and craftsmanship, but above all thanks to the tools we’ve chosen – like SOPHIA, that’s ready, precise and fast at all times.
Antonio Battaglia CEO
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