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Magazine Intermac, together with Gimav, supports the project “United Nation International Year of Glass for 2022”: Photo 1

Intermac, together with Gimav, supports the project “United Nation International Year of Glass for 2022”

“Over millennia, our glass community has adapted to and supported Society’s needs. Just how transformational glass in its many guises has been is often missed. Its story deserves wider telling.”

On April the 28th, the General Assembly of the United Nations will discuss the approval of the project “UN International Year of Glass for 2022” (IYOG), an initiative presented by the International Commission on Glass. The goal of this project is to dedicate, under the aegis of the United Nation, the year 2022 to glass, to its qualities and peculiarities. This achievement “will underline the technological, scientific and economic importance of glass — that transparent and enabling material underpinning many of our technologies and which can facilitate the development of more just and sustainable societies to meet the challenges of globalization”.

Intermac, in collaboration with Gimav, the Association of Italian manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing, has decided to endorse a relevant International project, undersigning the official Letter of support. Among the requirements needed for the approval is the formal expression of support of at least 1.000 representatives of the glass industry, coming from at least 100 countries. Today the Committee has reached 1300 “Letters of endorsement” coming from 77 countries. Intermac goal is in fact in line with that of the Committee which is submitting the application, that is to “promote glass, its past and future potential; […] show how the glass community is supporting UN developmental goals (2030 agenda): responsible production and sustainability; innovation and infrastructure; affordable and clean energy; climate action; unpolluted water and oceans; sanitation, health and well-being; education and gender equality.”

Intermac invites all of its partners and customers to join this initiative that will also provide you with possibilities for expanding your profile and extending your international links. Industry, Academia, Colleges, Schools, Research Associations, Museums and Art Schools are all valuable partners. The goal of the Committee submitting the project to UN General Assembly is in fact that of generating “special issues of journals and magazines, exhibitions in museums, and public and private glass collections, and universal dissemination activities at all education levels”.

To find out more about the project and to join the initiative visit the official page of International Year of Glass 2022

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