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Expanding technologies for the digital manufacturing era

From individual machines to automated cells to advanced digital instruments, Intermac boasts a host of technologies which incorporate the major concepts of Industry 4.0, solutions presented at Vitrum 2017 which are ready to propel our customers into the era of digital manufacturing.

The recent acquisition of the Movetro brand further enriches the range of technologies available, enabling Intermac to offer solutions for the handling operations required by the glass industry: from intelligent raw material storage systems to systems for moving materials for machining operations following cutting and solutions that work in perfect harmony with management processes and logistics systems.

The Intermac stand at Vitrum also represents an opportunity to live and breathe the "Thinkforward" concept, our ability to create innovation in every field and an incentive which encourages our customers to look to the future. On a visual level, this message is articulated through the new graphics and images that welcome customers and visitors to the stand, accompanying them as they discover the digital factory.

At the event, a full range of solutions which enable Intermac to support the customer through the entire production process will be on display, demonstrating how Intermac provides the most suitable and efficient technology, selected on the basis of specific application needs.

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