Inside Intermac Stone is ALL IN ONE

Inside Intermac Stone, the event dedicated to specialists in the stone processing sector, is now underway.

Inside Intermac Stone, the event dedicated to specialists in the stone processing sector, is now underway, coinciding with the announcement of "ALL IN ONE", the partnership between Intermac, Donatoni Macchine and Montresor that unites technological excellence and a widespread distribution network under a single banner, with a view to supporting customers as they build their intelligent factories.

For three days, from 15 to 17 March, customers and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced technologies for stone and sintered materials first hand, through live demos and interactions with highly qualified staff. One of the new developments for this year is the presence of Montresor technologies, embodied by the Luna range - a practical, innovative line of toroidal edge polishers - and Vela 7.2, the vertical edge polisher for polishing flat edges of granite, quartz, ceramic and marble to a mirror finish. There are also three new solutions dedicated to the latest-generation sintered materials: the technologies of the Genius RS-A benches, the Busetti double-edged grinding systems and the Movetro handling and storage systems.

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These solutions cover each of the various stages of machining: handling, cutting and finishing. From today and for the duration of the event, it will also be possible to take part in the Live the Experience tour, an unmissable opportunity to discover all of the new and exciting features that make up this event. The first stop on the tour provides visitors with an exclusive preview of Sophia, the IoT platform that offers a wide range of services for simplifying and rationalising the work management process. We will then continue, leading guests on a discovery of the Academy, the Made in Intermac training project designed to spread technological expertise and corporate culture to staff, dealers and customers alike. The tour ends with an overview of the production process, to provide an understanding of how Intermac has applied the principles of lean production.

Surf the experience! - Inside Intermac Stone is also the stage upon which the new website will be launched, officially live from 12 March: a new, fully redesigned online presence, created to ensure maximum ease of navigation and allow customers to find tailored solutions to meet their needs.

Diamut – Tooling Division
Even more innovation. The current range of tools dedicated to machining sintered materials has now been further extended, with the creation of additional technologies capable of performing different machining operations with machining centres. In a dedicated corner, visitors to the event will be greeted by technicians and sales staff.

Share your experience at Inside Intermac Stone with the hashtag #IntermacNow.

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