Primus 402, extremely versatile

The Primus series has evolved to include a new size that can process any type of material with any format.

The Primus 402, the latest addition to the Primus series, stands out for being extremely practical and capable of cutting just about any material, making it suitable for a wide range of users who need to cut: laminated and monolithic glass, plywood, armoured and fireproof materials, marble, granite, engineering stone, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and plastics. The cutting process makes use of Waterjet technology, which machines materials by means of a high-speed jet of water and abrasive that can reach pressures of 400 MPa.

Optimising costs without any compromise in production
Dynamic control over the flow of abrasive as well as optimising the main cutting parameters guarantees that the machine can maintain maximum productivity and offer accurate control over production costs.

Setting and blocking as simple as possible
Blocking the piece being machined is very simple, and sometimes not even necessary, and the machine hardly requires any setting at all (there's no need to position a stop or change tools).

Versatile and easy to program
Work can be done on 3 or 5 axes, which allows for 45° cuts, angled cuts, chamfering or countersinking. The 5-axis cutting head is equipped with an infinite-rotation C axis patented by Intermac, which allows for angled cuts to be made on complex shapes with no restrictions.

Performance and productivity
Primus can be configured with two or more independent cutting heads to meet the customer's production needs.

Discover the new Primus 402 at Lamiera 2017.


The loading device is designed to be integrated with machines from the Intermac Vertmax range, or paired with vertical machines for insulated glazing production lines.

Practical and intelligent

As part of the production process in a glassworks facility, the V-Loader offers the perfect combination of quality, productivity and flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency. The simplicity of the interface makes it extremely easy to use, as well as facilitating the diagnostics process for the operator. This device also enables less experienced operators begin production immediately.

Design without limits

With V-Loader, there are no limits when it comes to the design of glass structures, even those of large dimensions. The automatic activation and independent management of the suction cups enables all types of project to be completed, rendering changes in shape and size straightforward. V-Loader is the ideal solution for batch-one production.

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