Versatile technologies at Blechexpo 2017

Intermac and Viet at Blechexpo show hi-tech, customisable solutions that can adapt to materials as they evolve, meeting an extensive and varying range of application needs.

Primus 402 is the waterjet cutting machine designed by Intermac to ensure high performance, easy programming and excellent versatility. This machine allows operators to work using either 3 or 5 axes, enabling 45° cuts or inclined cuts to be performed for chamfering or countersinking. Primus can be configured with two or more independent cutting heads to meet the customer's production needs.

SV is the line of machines specially designed for machining ferrous materials. The range includes the SV3 model, for deburring, rounding and satin finishing operations on any type of metal, as well as the SV211 entry-level machine, a great solution for those who want to be able to perform automated satin finishing operations, achieving high quality results with a limited investment.

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