Inside Intermac: 2016 edition hit the mark!

Intermac has received more than 600 customers from all over the world from glass, stone and metal industries.

Visitors could experience the Made In Intermac technologies and discover machines that can be integrated through automation systems and advanced software solutions. Particularly relevant the Test and Research Lab for the stone market, an authentic laboratory dedicated to technological tests. During the event, it was possible to observe Master 850 and Master Saw Double Table in action. Both machines can combine cutting and finishing process of a final product in one fully automated single solution. The automatic diagonal cutting for laminated glass aroused great attention in the glass industry. This solution allows to manage diagonal cutting as if they were simple straight cutting. Moreover, this system guarantees promptness in the realization of finished products and, keeping an high standard of precision, it overcomes any limits of shape and size.

The Hi-Tech Art exposition, an exhibition itinerary made of the most beautiful images and stories of architectural creations and glass design, was the main news of this edition. Intermac, with respect to the other players, is a forerunner even in this field, creating, for the first time, a connection between worlds that are only apparently distant.

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