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Focus on Radius Revolution, quality has a new shape: Photo 1

Radius Revolution, quality has a new shape

Intermac has created the first device in the world for the creation of a, matt or polished, diamond-finished radius or chamfer.

Extraordinary creations don't come about with ease, regardless of method or location, they are developed thanks to experience and superior technological know how. That's what happens constantly at Intermac with the creation of devices like the Radius Revolution (patented), which has radically changed the potential applications of double-edging grinding, creating greater value through the use of technology Made in Intermac.

Focus on Radius Revolution, quality has a new shape: Photo 2
Focus on Radius Revolution, quality has a new shape: Photo 3

Designed to continue to offer the same quality, with an extra gear.

Radius Revolution expands the possibilities for double-edging grinding systems by introducing a new machining mode that rewrites production standards and gives an extra push to planning and design. The system was conceived to provide impeccable finishing for the radius or chamfer without needing to rely on manual operations or additional machines. The machining operation is completed while the glass is in the machine, without interrupting production, thereby optimising the entire process. The presentation of the device at the recent edition of Vitrum, a trade show that focuses on glass machining technology, was a great success and several companies have already decided to implement the new technology in their process.

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